Application For SAGIT Funding 2017


Applications for the 2017 round of funding closed Friday 3 February 2017.

Before applying:

Applicants for SAGIT funding starting in 2016-17 must download and read the latest funding guidelines before preparing their application.

2017 SAGIT Funding Guidelines (PDF)



Application forms:

Applicants must prepare their application on the SAGIT form which corresponds to the funding type being sought.

Application For Research Funding 2017 (docx)
Application for Research Funding 2017 (PDF)

Application for Capital Funding 2017 (docx)
Application for Capital Funding 2017 (PDF)

Application for Travel Funding 2017 (docx)
Application for Travel Funding 2017 (PDF)

Out of Session Application
Out of Session Application 2017 (docx)
Out of Session Application 2017 (PDF)

Deed of variation
Deed of variation (doc)
Deed of variation (PDF)

Grower Group Funding

2017 SAGIT Grower Group Funding Guidelines (PDF)

2017 Application For Grower Group Funding (docx)
2017 Application for Grower Group Funding (PDF)