The Farm Gross Margin Guide 2017 incorporates the latest information on input and output pricing to give estimates of the relative profitability of different farm enterprises as an aid to decision making in enterprise selection. It is designed for both broadacre and livestock enterprises.

Excel versions now available

Excel-based editable versions of the cropping and livestock gross margins shown in the 2017 Gross Margin Guide are now available. This enables you to download the spreadsheet and directly enter your own enterprise details, taking advantage of the formulas used to prepare the printed guide.

Some notes before you download:

  • This publication will only work with Excel for Windows versions 2007 and above.
  • It will not work with Excel for Mac, iPad, Android or other tablets.
  • You need to acknowledge the Disclaimer textbox before the worksheets can be accessed.
  • Other instructions about enabling content is found on the Instructions tab.

Hard copies are available from SAGIT. Contact the office on 08 8210 5230 or email [email protected].