The South Australian Grain Industry Trust Fund (SAGIT) was established 25 years ago, in 1991, to administer the voluntary research levy contributed by SA grain growers. SAGIT has backed research for South Australian grain growers for 25 years. To read a full history and case studies of SAGIT’s past and current research projects, click here.

On average, SAGIT invests $1.4 million a year in supporting research crucial to advancing the grain industry. Research and development is supported in a range of areas of grain growing, farming systems, soil management, harvesting, storage, processing and marketing and for dissemination of technical information to growers.

No other state has a research fund supported by growers for state-based, grains industry research. South Australia is the envy of other states!

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Latest research reports

SAGIT funds a range of research projects on behalf of South Australian grain growers, targeting local solutions to increase productivity and profitability.

Latest reports for research funded by SAGIT can be accessed here.